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November Parent Update

Oct 31, 2020 | By Tyler English

November 2020 Update

Summit Kids at Capital Hills


It is hard to believe that we are heading into the holiday season. While this year has had its challenges, there are many things we can find to be thankful for because God is still moving forward on His mission to make worshipers of those who do not yet know Him. Among this group whom God is moving are our kids.

 My hope is that you will remain steadfast and diligent in taking every opportunity to share the gospel with your children and make it the foundation of your home. We in Summit Kids want to come alongside you and encourage you in this process. I want to highlight two resources below that will help you disciple your children during this season:

While family worship is a daily rhythm, we have a resource once a week to help facilitate this time in your family. Weekly there is a new Read, Pray, Sing video that you can worship with your children.  

  •  Summit Kids Worship: Visit our YouTube channel or search for “Summit Kids” on Apple Music, or Spotify.

Use these worship songs daily to teach your kids to sing the praises of the Lord. Family worship is as simple as Read, Pray, Sing. Accomplishing those simple activities over 10 minutes as a part of your daily rhythms, whether it is a night-time routine, dinner time, or anytime in between is a win!


Gospel and Baptism

I know as conversations center around the gospel at home, God is moving in the hearts of your kids and they are talking about what it means to follow God and be baptized. We want to come alongside you in this conversation and give you the resources to navigate the questions of faith and of baptism through our Gospel and Baptism Class. Is your child asking questions about salvation and baptism? Sign up for our Gospel and Baptism class!


Important Dates in November

Finally, I want to make sure you are aware of events upcoming in the life of our church. As a family you may worship through three options: In person, online, or in home gatherings. You can find resources for these corporate worship options at

Also, Save the Date for November 21st (Sat. night) at 5:00 pm for a movie night at the campus (Weather permitting). This night will be for the whole campus as we have food trucks, some games, and feature a family friendly movie for a chance for us to gather as a church family!