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Quick Update on Family Ministry Plans

Oct 09, 2020 | By Jeremy Berger

Remember when...


As our state has moved into Phase 3 and our church has begun the process of indoor gatherings, we know many of you have questions regarding what Family Ministry will look like for the rest of 2020.  Please understand that what I am about to share with you is the current plan as of today.  If this changes, we will certainly let you know as soon as possible.

Summit Kids

For now, Summit Kids will continue to meet at home.  As always, we are providing valuable resources such as the weekly Read, Pray, Sing videos as well as the weekly Sermon Notes.  Awana will also continue meeting at home. 

Please pray for our Kids Team as they are diligently putting together the most safe and effective plan for when Summit Kids does open once again in the building.

Middle and High School

For now, Middle and High School Small Groups will continue to meet outside until the weather makes it difficult to do so.  Although the state and our church have given us permission to begin moving indoors, we are enjoying our time outside and are not ready to make an immediate switch. 

Earlier this week, we sent out a survey asking for your feedback on whether or not you would be comfortable with your son/daughter meeting indoors once the temperatures begin to drop.  This is valuable for us as we decide whether to move indoors or online during the winter months.  If you have not filled this out, we would appreciate you doing so.

Clarification for Student Small Groups

While I'm here, I wanted to offer some quick clarifications on safety precautions for both outside and inside student small groups.  Please know that this is what small groups will look like moving forward.

Outdoor Small Groups

  • Students and leaders are required to wear masks when social distancing is not possible.   
  • During hangout, gametime, etc. we are asking students and leaders to wear their masks. 
  • Once they are sitting in their small groups and are distanced apart from each other, they do have the option of removing their masks if they (and you) are comfortable doing so. 
  • And once small groups are over, then we are asking that they put their masks back on. 

I apologize for any confusion there might have been over the past few weeks; especially over pictures you may have seen on social media. What is listed above is the protocol moving forward.

Indoor Small Groups

If and when we do move indoors, the following guidelines will be in place: 

  • All Students and Leaders will be required to wear masks at all times while indoors.
  • Based off a 30% room capacity guideline, student small groups will be dispersed throughout the upstairs Student and Elementary Space.  Each of those large rooms are designed for 200 people, which means we will have no more than 60-70 students/leaders per room; if that.
  • Our rule of thumb will be, "If we can spread them out, we will."
  • While indoors, students and leaders will not have access to any gaming or sporting equipment; nor will we be serving food or drinks.  Again, based on weather, we will try to do our hangout time outside and once they enter the building, they are simply there for their small group time.  


We are so grateful and thankful for your grace and patience with us as we are navigating uncharted waters with a variety of beliefs and opinions.  I cannot wait until we get to Heaven and we all agree on everything (oh...and Covid will be gone too :)  Until then, I hope you know we are trying our best to provide the most safe and effective options for our families.  God bless!

Jeremy Berger, Family Pastor